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In partnership with Ischuo International Group LLC and other partners around the world, we decided to join forces to support the global community,governments, our doctors and nurses, all those at risk in these challenging times of global pandemy.

Our team is ready to collaborate, support and supply the highest quality of Personal Protective Equipments and other necessities to protect everyone. We strongly believe that with our strenght united as one, we can conquer Covid-19 and make the world a safer and healthier place to live in. Always at your service !

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks

Rescue of Sis Loves Me Series

The series called Sis Loves Me that features fantasy videos with step siblings and family porn. That’s right. When you can’t leave the house because of COVID-19… then you can make people happy with some access to free videos – in this case in very taboo and controversial genre in web. It sounded absurd, but in the end everyone was happy to experience this series in 1080P with weekly updates.

Egg Doctor Telehealth BoothTM (Patent pending)

Egg Doctor Booth TM (Patent pending) is the world’s first sustainable, wind and solar hybrid system with a versatile telehealth platform.An artificially intelligent and augmented reality-based station, the compendious view of the booth is made of about 80% bamboo, which symbolizes harmony and balance in one’s life.The “egg” shape of the booth is a reminder of life and intimacy.Our goal is healthcare and wellness access delivery for all and we do it through our innovative solutions as well as the telehealth culture we create to make the world healthier and happier..

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